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Volunteer for health research!


What is a Clinical Trial?

Researchers work to discover new therapies and medications that may prevent, detect or treat diseases.  A clinical trial is a research study designed to carefully measure the safety and success of these therapies and medications.  New therapies usually go through a minimum of three to six years of testing first before they can be offered to you in a research study.

Next,  a clinical trial has to be approved by the Internal Review Board (IRB) for safety.  The IRB will then review the clinical trial from beginning to end of the study to make sure it remains safe for volunteers like you.

Why should I participate?

Here are just a few reasons you should volunteer:

  • Play an active role in your health & the health of others
  • Contribute to scientific knowledge that may lead to new medications and treatments for future patients
  • Gain access to potential new treatments and expert care
  • Your treatment options for your own health condition will not be limited by your participation
  • Participation is voluntary and your quality of health care by your provider will not change if you decide to drop out of a study

Who qualifies for a clinical trial?

You don’t have to be sick to volunteer for a clinical trial, —healthy volunteers are needed too!  Children and dependents can participate as well with their guardians permission.

We welcome volunteers of all ages, races, genders and health conditions.  Some health conditions affect certain groups of people more than others, which means that a diverse group of volunteers helps us to find better solutions!