REDCap ( Research Electronic Data Capture)

REDCap is a self-managed, secure, web-based platform that is designed to support data collection and data management for research, operations support and quality improvement projects. This easy-to-use, intuitive tool provides functionality and features to enable individuals to rapidly develop databases and surveys for collecting and managing data. REDCap offers the following features:
  • Fast. Quick project start-up.
  • Easy. Intuitive user interface and workflow, readily available online training videos and assistance make it easy to get started.
  • Fully customizable. You are in control of shaping your database.
  • Web-based. Enter data or build your database from anywhere in the world over a secure web connection with authentication and data logging.
  • Data import. Import data from Microsoft Excel (csv files).
  • Data export. Export data to Excel, SAS, Stata, R, SPSS and XML (CDisc).
  • Audit trail. Track data manipulation, project changes, imports, and exports by date and user.
  • Advanced features. Mid-study modifications, auto-validation, branching logic, calculated fields and repeating instruments/events.
  • Scheduling. Utilize a built-in project calendar and scheduling module for organizing your events and appointments.
  • Reports and stats. Online tool allows you to view reports of your data, export your reports, and turn your reports into plots, graphs, and statistics.
  • Autonomous user management. Project owners have complete autonomy and control to add new users and determine specific user rights.
  • Multi-site access. REDCap can be used from multiple sites and institutions.
  • Survey participant list. Build a list of email contacts, create custom email invitations, and track who responds.
  • Anonymous surveys. Keep your participant responses anonymous (default), or if desired, responses from email contacts can be identified.
  • Mobile app. Available for iOS and Android for offline data collection by the project team.
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