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Below is a general description of our available data sources and suggested citations. Please note that the provided information may not be applicable to your specific feasibility results and contact your RI Data Core analyst if you have any questions.

Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC) Description

Regenstrief Institute manages the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC) database on behalf of Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), one of the largest health information exchanges in the country. The INPC is the primary platform that enables the Indiana Health Information Exchange which connects more than 100 hospitals, 14,000 practices and nearly 40,000 providers. INPC was launched in the 1990s and today has multiple separate healthcare entities including major hospitals, health networks, and insurance providers providing data. When combined, the information from these institutions contain more than 10 billion clinical data elements such as encounter data, lab reports, microbiology, pathology, radiology, cardiology, EKG data, pharmacy, and others.

Indiana State Cancer Registry (ISCR) Description

The Indiana State Cancer Registry at the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) contains all confirmed cancer cases of malignant disease and other tumors and precancerous diseases that are diagnosed or treated in Indiana, as required by state statute (IC 16-38-2). Requests for data usage are vetted through the ISDH Data Release Committee that meets biweekly.

Indiana University Health and Eskenazi Health

The Regenstrief Data Core has business agreements in place with Eskenazi Health and IU Heath to access their patient data for approved research purposes, allowing access to greater variety and depth of clinical data than that which is contributed to the INPC database.

ePHI Windows Enclave Description

The ePHI Windows Enclave is a secure environment for data analysis, targeted for small- to moderate-sized datasets. The environment is a virtual Windows machine that resets after each use, and allows for the use of SAS, R, SPSS, STATA, and Microsoft Suite tools. All data is stored on a secure server with strict access controls.

Regenstrief Citation/Acknowledgment Examples

“We acknowledge Regenstrief Institute, Inc.’s participation in this project.”
“We acknowledge Regenstrief Institute Inc.’s sourcing of data for this project.”

Please site and/or acknowledge RI Data Core regarding our efforts towards your research project. If you need additional assistance pertaining to the methods, please contact your RI Data Core analyst.


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