What is the Independent Investigator Incubator (I3) Program?

The Independent Investigator Incubator (I3) Program is designed to “spin-off” extraordinarily successful researchers through our comprehensive mentorship program, specifically dedicated to new faculty during the crucial first three years of their research career.

How can I3 benefit new researchers?

Mentorship is critical to the development of successful independent investigators. While many institutions have tried to spread mentorship duties as wide as possible, even making it a key component of promotion and tenure, others have found more success in concentrating mentorship among those who are particularly suited to the task.  The Independent Investigator Program benefits new researchers by providing comprehensive mentorship.

Independent Investigator Incubator (I3) Program Benefits:

  • significant one-on-one time and professional coaching from a senior faculty “super mentor”,
  • support services such as a professional grant writer,
  • administrative support, and
  • a biostatistician.

The I3 is supported by the IU School of Medicine Transforming Research Initiative (TRI).