What is the Indiana CTSI’s Career Development, Education and Research Training Program?

The Indiana CTSI’s Career Development, Education and Research Training (CERT) Program provides career development, education and research training opportunities for students, staff, fellows, and faculty to launch successful careers in clinical and translational research.

What CERT offers

  • Early-career development awards (KL2)
  • Pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships (TL1)
  • Independent Investigator Incubator (I3) mentorship and other mentoring resources
  • Graduate degree programs in clinical research (CITE) and implementation science
  • Summer internships in clinical and laboratory sciences for medical students (IMPRS)  and high school science students (Indy Project SEED and STEM)
  • Ethics training in responsible conduct of research and human subjects research
  • Research coordinator training in clinical and translational science research best practices (WERK Program)
  • Education programs, training, educational tools and an extensive online library of courses

CERT’s goal

CERT’s goal is to support students, staff, fellows, and faculty with the education and experience needed to ensure a continuous pipeline of highly qualified and successful clinical and translational science researchers. CERT strives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of clinical and translational research through its rigorous and comprehensive education and training programs.