Project Lead: Gary A. Gibson, President, Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative (MCSCI), Indianapolis

Co-Project Lead: Marc Rosenman, Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Indiana University of Medicine (IUSM)

Co-Project Lead: Monica Khurana, Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine

This project team will conduct analyses on two topics crucial for building capacity 1) to increase screening for, and education about, sickle cell trait, and 2) to improve the health and quality of life of people who have sickle cell disease.  The three specific aims are 1) to provide estimates of the prevalence of sickle cell, 2) to analyze and describe health care costs for patients with sickle cell and 3) to develop a sustainable partnership between MCSCI, IUSM, the Indiana State Department of Health, and the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning.

Gary Gibson at the Trailblazer Symposium

Symposium Slides